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參與本地農業可以促進社區關係。像Winnie the Farm 這樣的休閑農場吸引梅窩居民,甚至島外居民來當假日農夫。您可以透過耕種、烹飪和分享餸菜來認識朋友。這促進了人際交流,創建本地社區網絡,更令人對自己的社區有更高的歸屬感。

Community building

Engaging in local agriculture can foster community building. Local hobby farms like Winnie’s attract Mui Wo residents, and even non-locals who come to enjoy leisure farming. You can make friends easily by farming together, cooking and sharing dishes. These facilitate social interactions, create community network, so that people have a higher sense of belonging to their community.



Economy diversification

Local agriculture can diversify the economy. It provides alternative job opportunities to differently talented people. With an increase in local supply, we can reduce reliance on imported agricultural products, and build resilience against external shocks in supply. Come and support local and Mui Wo  agricultural products by visiting the Central Pier Farmers’ Market!

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